About This Project

This crisis-ready checklist is designed to help different types of organizations — small businesses, non-profits and faith-based institutions — identify and manage important information and relationships. The checklist offers a place to get started, as well as a path forward; completing it is not the end of being prepared for a crisis.

The checklist items and resources have been curated to support leaders in understanding foundational resiliency needs and best practices. The checklist should take only a few minutes to complete. Collecting and storing information, or establishing important relationships, does require more time, but the kit has been built to make those next steps manageable.

The list and resources were inspired by the struggles many local organizations faced in applying for PPP and FEMA assistance in response to COVID-19 and the April 2020 tornadoes. But crises can take many forms, as Chattanoogans well know — we have weathered flooding, water-main breaks and forest fires in just the past few years. There is help available to organizations during emergencies like these, and being prepared is the first step toward resiliency.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about this resource? Or would you like to share your story or have your photo featured on the website? Please contact us at info@theenterprisectr.org.


Not only is this tool free to use, it has been developed as an open source tool for other communities to replicate and localize. You can access it through Github or contact us at info@theenterprisectr.org for more information.

Thank You

It is thanks to a number of incredible people and organizations that this tools exists: The designers and developers at Simple Focus; the small business, non-profit and faith-based support organizations like the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, La Compañía at La Paz, The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, CO.LAB, Venture Forward and Kingdom Partners; a host of amazing beta testers; the photography of J Adams; the City of Chattanooga; and our team and board at The Enterprise Center.