About This Project

This checklist is designed to help different types of organizations — small businesses, non-profits and faith-based institutions — manage essential activities, information and relationships. 

The checklist offers a place to get started: Completing it is not all it takes to succeed, but it offers a roadmap and resources to support the journey towards thriving despite adversity.

These checklist items and resources have been curated to support leaders in understanding resiliency needs and best practices.

The checklist should take only a few minutes to complete for the first time, providing a quick assessment of what you’ve already done, and some ideas for what to do next.

Collecting and storing information, establishing important relationships and other essential activities do require investing time, but this checklist is also designed to help identify the help you need with those next steps.

We also hope this checklist will help facilitate meetings with experts and support organizations: “Here’s what I’ve already done, and here’s where I think I need help.”

The list and resources were inspired by the struggles many local organizations faced in applying for aid made available during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has since been updated to support developing resiliency from the very first stages in making an idea, real. 

Contact Us

Do you have questions about this resource? Or would you like to share your story or have your photo featured on the website? Please contact us at info@theenterprisectr.org.


Not only is this tool free to use, it has been developed as an open source tool for other communities to replicate and localize. You can access it through Github or contact us at info@theenterprisectr.org for more information.

Thank You

It is thanks to a number of incredible people and organizations that this tools exists: The designers and developers at Simple Focus; the small business, non-profit and faith-based support organizations like the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, La Compañía at La Paz, The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, CO.LAB, Venture Forward and Kingdom Partners; a host of amazing beta testers; the photography of J Adams; the City of Chattanooga; the Lyndhurst Foundation; and our team and board at The Enterprise Center.